well, it’s over.

The High Point market is over.  It was good.  I suppose it is time to say thank you to everyone who made it happen:

To our customers:  Thank you.  We could simply not do what we do without you.  We are grateful for your business, support and friendship.  If you did not attend, what we do simply would not be possible.

Brownlee Currey looks over from a chandelier with a great finish
Brownlee Currey strikes a pose with one of the company’s grandly sized chandeliers in one of the myriad finishes offered.

To Bob Ulrich and your extended team, thank you.  Your efforts to welcome our customers, create a warm, friendly environment, and have a little fun go an awfully long way.  It would simply not be Currey & Company without all of you.  It is difficult to overstate the value of what you do.

And to everyone, and it is a list too long to thank individually, who works on product and making product look good; nice work.  The product looked good and the showroom did too.  I personally heard from our customers again and again how pleased they were with the product and how it was presented.

While I am concerned not to allow the posts on this blog to become too jolly or self congratulatory, given the mood among all of us tonight, I simply can’t think of anything bad to say.  Have a lovely night.


2 thoughts on “well, it’s over.

  1. Rose Dostal

    Hello Brownlee!

    It was such a pleasure talking to you during High Point Market. Love the stories you shared about the history of Currey and your connection with the country where I was born (Philippines). I felt truly honored for having captured your undivided attention! I owe Tim Shelton for the introduction;-)

    Kudos to Currey & Company for a very successful spring market. Hope to see you and the rest of the ‘Company’ in the fall, if not in the spring.

    Best Regards,
    Rose Dostal
    RMD Designs

    1. Brownlee Currey Post author

      Dear Rose,
      It was a pleasure to get to know you during the show, albeit briefly. Thank you kindly for listening to my stories. Hopefully I will get to see you again in the fall for another visit.


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