Victoria Lidstrom On Her Favorite New Products

Victoria Lidstrom of Leggy Bird Designs.
Victoria Lidstrom of Leggy Bird Designs. 

Victoria Lidstrom, the principle of Leggy Bird Designs Architecture and Interiors, has agreed to share with our readers her favorite new products debuting this spring. She’s also dished on just the type of mood a room would need to have to welcome these products. What a fun way to look at the Strada Floor Lamp, the Blossom Wall Sconces, and the Penfold Gold Pendant! 

Spotlight on Victoria Lidstrom

But first, a bit about Victoria and her Lake Bluff, Illinois, firm for those who need an introduction. Since 2009, Leggy Bird Designs has built an interior architecture practice committed to creating unique, personalized environments that are as distinctive as the company’s clients. The tight-knit team is comprised of talented women who are passionate about what they do and are creatively curious. They believe in design excellence, client services, fostering relationships, and achieving beautiful surroundings that enhance their clients’ daily lives.

Our Axel Large Orb Chandelier in one of Leggy Bird Designs’ projects.
Our Axel Large Orb Chandelier in one of Leggy Bird Designs’ projects. 

The firm name was inspired by a sculpture Victoria and her team found for a client’s home. “I loved what the bird represents,” Lindstrom notes, “freedom and flight.” About tapping our products for spaces, she adds, “The Currey & Company lights I choose for my clients or myself are usually statement pieces that I know will make a big impact in the space I’m designing. I love how lighting can change the feeling in a room: it is like art and creates drama.

Victoria on Her Favorite New Products

Strada Floor Lamp by Currey & Company.
Our Strada Floor Lamp.

“This is a splendid layering piece!” Victoria says of the Strada Floor Lamp. “The polished nickel begs for an Ansel Adams or some special black-and-white photo you want to elevate.” The story a room would tell that would welcome the Strada? “A modern Aspen condo filled with floor to ceiling windows and dark floors covered with linen-white shags. I see white leather sectionals, Danish reading chairs, and this lit in the evening as it washes a soft light over the homeowners’ own photograph from a trip to the Galapagos. Stunning, timeless, functional.” 

Blossom Wall Sconces, new in Spring 2020 by Currey & Company, is a favorite of Victoria Lidstrom.
Blossom Wall Sconces, new in Spring 2020 by Currey & Company.

Victoria sees happiness and lightness in the Blossom Wall Sconces. “The brass and the layering of the petals are simply delightful!” The story the sconces would tell as they bewitched her senses? “I see a parade of these leading the eye like little fairies. ‘Follow!’ they call, and you do…down a hallway that leads to a colorful sunroom with turquoise and white curtains hanging happily along walls of windows with fluffy white chairs to sit on to read.” 

Penfold Gold Pendant by Currey & Company, new in Spring 2020.
Our Penfold Gold.

About the Penfold Gold Pendant, Victoria says, “Chic. Sexy. Strong. I like everything about this gold pendant. It’s very handsome and modern with an air of sophistication.” The space she sees them in? “I imagine perhaps five or seven of them hovering over a coffee table in a cozy club-like family room. Their directional down light lends a mood of certainty and strength and calm.”

Thank you for your creative juices that have helped us see our products in a new light, Victoria! It’s obvious why you’ve been able to build such a successful firm given the stories you tell with each of the rooms you and your team designs! 

Awareness is Everything

Penfold Gold Pendant by Currey & Company, new in Spring 2020.

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