The Bright Stuff: Currey & Company’s Employee Education Program

Did you know that Currey & Company has an Education Program? This program was first introduced by Robert Currey in 2002. The Education Program is rooted in the philosophy that its employees are the heart and soul of the company, and everyone’s capabilities are essential to developing Currey & Company to its utmost potential. Currey & Company will pay 100% of any employee’s college education; it doesn’t even matter if your studies pertain to your work!

There are several Currey & Company employees currently enrolled in college, they are: Ming Ming Ching, Karen Underwood, Catherine Roper, Tina Brown, Katrina Krekemeyer, Brandi Best, Miguel Sanchez, and Guillermo Portillo. Our brand new applicants, all starting fall 2014 are: Jonathan Carrington, Gus Lakpor, and Amber Williamson. Students’ majors include: accounting, welding, construction management, international business, and computer sciences. Our most recent graduate, Li Reeve, received her MBA from Emory University in May 2013. Way to go Li!

Currey & Company employees immersed in the education program

Lauren Gold teaches an ESL class to Currey & Company employees

ESL, GED, TOEFL, computer and citizenship classes are also offered on-site at Currey & Company. In the past, Lauren Gold, our Education Coordinator has also offered a slew of leadership training classes, including How to Run Effective Meetings, Successful Delegation, and Time Management; and we can’t forget our stretch and strength training classes! So, we are both fit and smart! Currey & Company is proud to support the education and professional growth of each of its employees – how fortunate we are! And we are looking forward to resuming all these classes as soon as our “new & improved” classroom opens for business!