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Lighting is one of Currey & Company’s mainstays, the evolution from historic garden furnishings to illumination a gradual one. When we feature table lamps, floor lamps, chandeliers, pendants, sconces or flush mounts, we file the post under this tag. In 2018, we shared with readers of our blog that we were ecstatic over winning an ARTS Award during Dallas Market in the chandelier category. Our lighting design team took the honors, which is so well deserved. Take the Fen chandelier, as an example: It is the embodiment of dark beauty that draws upon the allure and mysterious unknown of mossy wetlands for inspiration. Cupertino wrought iron spokes stretch outward like gnarled branches, each one supporting a delicate chain adorned with a single crystal bead, like drops of dew on a bramble bush. The brutalist design of this six-light fixture is both innovative and irresistible. Tom Caldwell, the vice president of design and development, created this piece of lit art that he tells our readers started as a simple ‘doodle.’ What a beautiful doodle it was!

Bestselling Wall Sconces This Spring

The Gino Wall Sconce was one of our bestselling wall sconces during High Point Market.
The Gino Wall Sconce was one of our bestselling wall sconces during High Point Market. 

As promised, we’re sharing the top-ten bestselling wall sconces during spring High Point Market. The winners range from several of the most time-honored in our lineup to two brand-new introductions. What’s remarkable about the roster as a whole is that almost every stylistic note has been tapped by the designers and retailers who visit us during Market. 

Top Ten Bestselling Wall Sconces

the Tropical Leaf Wall Sconce by Currey & Company

The Tropical Leaf Wall Sconce is made of brass in a vintage brass finish with a life-like stem cut on slant. This is a detail that gives the brass sconce, which is certified for damp locations, extra sophistication. We offer a number of products in the tropical family of fixtures.

the Pinders Wall Sconce was a bestselling wall sconce this spring

The Pinders Wall Sconce is made of wrought iron in a contemporary gold finish. A design note of merit is how the bulb is placed behind an elongated pod in a French black finish that is affixed to the wall plate. When the light reflects off the gold interior, it intensifies the warmth of the illumination. We also offer the Pinders in a flush mount.

the Daze Wall Sconce by Currey & Company

When a soft glow is desired, milk glass is one of the best materials to diffuse illumination. Our Daze Wall Sconce is made of articulated panels of white milk glass that are joined together by ribs of metal in an antique brass finish. This white sconce, which joins a number of fixtures in the Daze family designed by Clarence Mallari, will turn luminous when it is switched on.

the Mali Wall Sconce was a bestselling wall sconce this spring

The Mali Wall Sconce, designed by Clarence Mallari, is one of our new bestselling wall sconces. It has a complex interplay of sleek and earthy elements. The lines that rise above and below the natural woven shade are made of wrought iron in a satin black finish, as are the stem curving into the sconce and the hardware that holds the bulb. These are the clean-lined elements that contrast the Kraft paper twine on the rope sconce, which is tightly woven but not so dense that it interrupts the warm glow of illumination from its interior.

the Choisy Wall Sconce by Currey & Company

The delicately beautiful Choisy Wall Sconce is made of wrought iron in an antique gold leaf finish. The winsome curve of the wishbone shape and the slight flare at the bottom bring this gold sconce gracefulness. The Choisy is fitted with a rectangular white linen shade.

the Ashby Swing-Arm Sconce was a bestselling wall sconce this spring

The swing-arm sconce is one of the longest-lasting go-to designs in history. Our Ashby Swing-Arm Sconce is a classic rendition of the time-honored reading lamp. The mount and arm in our popular antique brass finish dangles its fabric shade.

the Seychelles Wall Sconce by Currey & Company

Take a trip to the beach with Jamie Beckwith. Her Seychelles Wall Sconce, which joins her collection of lighting, was inspired by an island-hopping vibe. It is one of our new bestselling wall sconces this spring. The circular profile of the white sconce is made of wrought iron in a sugar white finish that is fitted with a wood panel in a sandstone finish. From this extends hand-cut sprays of raffia. The openings into which the natural material is inserted emits a warm glow when light wafts through them. This sconce is flexible, as it can be mounted with the raffia pointing in any direction.

the Serpa Double Wall Sconce was a bestselling wall sconce this spring

The Serpa Double Wall Sconce has a lightly weathered feel thanks to the rubbed French black finish on the slender arms and shades. The gold leaf interiors of its shades make this black sconce with its vintage feel a wonderful reading light. We also offer the Serpa in one-light versions in black and in white, which is new.

the Gino Wall Sconce by Currey & Company

The Gino Wall Sconce is a mid-century modern sconce with two bulbs, one for up-light and one for down-light. The exterior of the spun-metal shades and wall plate in a dark gray finish contrast the interior of the shades that are painted white. 

the Rocher Wall Sconce was a bestselling wall sconce this spring

Made of wrought iron in a mix of hand-rubbed bronze and contemporary gold leaf finishes, our Rocher Wall Sconce has gold accents that were subtly designed and dexterously placed. A layered off-white shantung shade heightens the chic appeal of this bronze sconce.

Fitting Fixtures for Every Style

The Ashby Wall Sconce is one of our tried-and-true designs.
The Ashby Wall Sconce is one of our tried-and-true designs. 

The contrasts in the styles of these bestselling wall sconces illustrate how different regions of our country can influence sales during any given market. That’s one of the unique things about High Point, as the event draws designers and retailers from far and wide, whereas the regional shows tend to be just that. From the beach vibe of the Seychelles and Tropical, and elegance of the Pinders, Rocher, and Choisy; to the industrial chic vibes of the Serpa and Gino, there is something for everyone in this microcosm of style!