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Given the culture at Currey & Company is akin to a family, we like to send holiday wishes to our customers and readers, posts we file under this tag when we do. In the early days of our blogging here, we kept it short and sweet, sharing a beautiful image to accompany our seasons greetings. We offered readers a holiday shopping guide for a while that paired our favorite pieces from our offerings with popular products in clothing, cosmetics, cookery, accessories and great reads. Then we saw how important it has become to create posts that shared our news during any given celebratory day. One year, we featured our design team on Labor Day, asking them to share with us their inspiration behind some of the favorite designs they had labored over. We featured two of our favorite flicks by Nancy Meyers to salute Christmas and the Fourth of July, her homes in both films exemplars of sophistication. This past Thanksgiving and Christmas, we featured employees presenting their views of our company as we began celebrating our 30th anniversary as a company.

Blue Christmas

The Currey & Company Kallista family of furniture.
The Currey & Company Kallista family of furniture.

Everyone reading today’s blog post: please forgive me for the song you will likely have stuck in your head for days to come. Who can say the two words blue Christmas in tandem and not hear the crooning voice of Elvis Presley? In case you’ve forgotten how it goes, this video should serve as a reminder of just how well he sang the now classic Christmas melody!

There are two trends our Vice President/Creative Director Cecil Adams identified that fit perfectly into our blue Christmas post today: Kallista, which is our line of lovely blue furniture shown in the lead image, and Mineral Water. The new fall products that fit into these style stories will be joined by our winter introductions, which we will have live on our website this week. We’ll be featuring those products here on the blog soon.

So Many Shades of Blue!

The Currey & Company Kallista Style Story for fall 2020.

The catch-phrase for the Kallista color forecast is “The hidden harmony is better than the obvious,” a quote by Pablo Picasso. It includes blue, black, and golden accents with products in porcelain, brass, gold leaf, and indigo-dyed veneers. There are Grecian-inspired shapes and clean classic lines in this style story that includes some long-standing popular products, like the Janelle Ink Settee and the Graduation Large Chandelier, and a few new offerings this fall. 

The Currey & Company Janelle Settee, a perfect blue Christmas gift.

Aimee Kurzner’s inspiration for the Janelle Ink Settee was an Art Deco shell chair. The frame is made of Beech wood with a caviar black finish, and the F0201 Velluto Ink fabric is made of 100 percent polyester. This navy blue settee with a black frame is one of two items in the Janelle family of furnishings, the other a chair. 

The Currey & Company Kallista Cabinet.

And, of course, the style story includes all of the Kallista offerings, such as the Cabinet above, which has a dark sapphire blue finish that enlivens the sycamore veneers on its door fronts. The wood grains bring the cabinet a hint of distressing that contrasts the sleek lines of the base and door pulls in an antique brass finish. The exterior is finished in a glossy caviar black. Design details on this navy blue cabinet include soft-close door hinges, and adjustable shelves and glides. The Kallista family of products includes a number of pieces.

The Currey & Company Willis Table Lamp, a perfect blue Christmas gift.
The Currey & Company Willis Table Lamp, a perfect blue Christmas gift.

Among the new fall offerings is the Willis Table Lamp, which was designed by Tom Caldwell. It is a mod nod to the past that is both shapely and colorful. The blue table lamp with its double gourd shape is made of ceramic that has been glazed in alternating stripes of blues, including turquoise. It sits atop an optic crystal base and is topped with an off-white linen shade, both design moves that lighten the feel of this multi-colored table lamp.

The Currey & Company Mineral Water style story for fall 2020.

The Mineral Water style story is all about watery blues, platinum, teal, and accents of lavender and charcoal. It includes crystals, silver leaf, and minerals. It’s dramatic and not too cold. It’s the earth seen from above as we move into the new space age. 

The Currey & Company Riddle Pendant and a shot of the Giro Multi-Drop Pendant that illustrates light reflecting through the blue beads.
The Currey & Company Riddle Pendant and a shot of the Giro Multi-Drop Pendant that illustrates light reflecting through the blue beads.

Among the new products that fit into this trend is the Giro family of multi-drops, which has metal shades that are pierced by hand and textural globes in a mix of painted silver and nickel finishes. Small blue beads placed in some of the piercings add a lovely color to the silver pendant as light strikes them. The Riddle Pendant, which is shown above, as well, is also in this category. Designed by Clarence Mallari, it is made of wrought iron in a silver leaf finish that clasps thin panes of mottled mirror to create a luminous shade. “The simple silhouette of the silver pendant presents a strong character and a modern style,” says Mallari. “The overall height, which includes an extension rod, is 50 inches, which makes this a wonderful choice for a kitchen or hallway.”

The Currey & Company Fitzwater Table Lamp, a perfect blue Christmas gift.

The Fitzwater Table Lamp is a stunning new product in this category. Made of aqua glass and metal in a polished nickel finish, the lamp is faceted to give its profile an extra dose of richness. Sitting atop an optic crystal base and topped with an off-white shantung shade, the turquoise table lamp is luminous. The designer of this blue glass lamp, Ian Thornton, says, “When viewing the Fitzwater, it feels as if you are looking at an antique blue sapphire ring.”

Our Blue Christmas is Complete

An abundance of blue in our High Point Showroom. Image credit Beth Tilley Green.
An abundance of blue in our High Point Showroom. Image credit Beth Tilley Green.

From our Currey & Company family to yours, we hope you are having anything but a blue Christmas. And to quote our featured celebrity today, “when those blue snowflakes start falling, that’s when those blue memories start calling”—we hope the only blue memories you’ll have are of these products we’ve featured here today. Happy Holidays!