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Furniture has become one of our strong suits at Currey & Company and when we feature our latest offerings, we file the post under this tag. The number of categories we offer may surprise you. Tables, chests, cabinets, shelving, upholstery, desks, vanities and accent pieces are designed with an eye to beauty and usability. Accent pieces are among our newest categories and Aimee Kurzner, who heads up our design program for furnishings, has done wonders to expand this segment of our offerings. Thanks to her vision, Currey & Company won the ARTS Award for accent furniture during Dallas Winter market in January 2019. In her entry for furniture designer, which she won, she told the judges that she draws inspiration from jewelry, nature, fashion, architecture and antiques, many of these found as she travels across the world working directly with the factories to make sure each piece is perfect from start to finish.

Feasts for the Senses

Sasha Bikoff ensconced in her installation at Currey & Company’s High Point showroom where she created feasts for the senses.
Sasha Bikoff ensconced in her installation at Currey & Company’s High Point showroom. Photo by Beth Tilley Green.

If you attended High Point Market, we’re betting you saw or heard about the vibrant installation created by Sasha Bikoff in our showroom. Setting the mood for the sensory extravaganza were Sandro Botticelli’s paintings The Birth of Venus and Primavera, which were feasts for the senses. They created a luscious backdrop for an array of our products that Sasha gave an uptick in personality with brightly hued paint and sensuous upholstery fabrics. Once the stage was set, the fresh, modern spin on the Italian Renaissance was enthralling. 

As Sasha told Darla Powell and Natalie Grafe in a podcast for Wingnut Social, the installation paid homage to the domestic goddess, celebrating female empowerment and women in design. The video above provides a glimpse into what it took to make this transformation of our showroom happen. We have another collaboration with Sasha that will debut during spring Market when we release a lighting line by the designer so stay tuned for news. Darla and Natalie asked her what attracted her to our brand. “I’ve always loved Currey products,” she answered. The creativity they put into the design process and the way they handle influences from nature appeals to me.”

A Pinnacle Award for Aimee Kurzner

Aimee Kurzner, holding her Pinnacle Award for the Currey & Company Kallista writing desk, with our VP/Creative Director Cecil Adams.
Aimee Kurzner, holding her Pinnacle Award, with our VP/Creative Director Cecil Adams.

Let’s give Aimee Kurzner, our Director of Furniture, a round of applause for winning a Pinnacle Award for her Kallista Writing Desk! Held by the International Society of Furniture Designers, this was the organization’s 24th Annual awards ceremony celebrating excellence in design. The judges note that the desk was chosen because it embodies elegance and sophistication. The glamour on this family of products is enhanced by the finishes—the dark sapphire blue creating subtle patterns on the figured sycamore woodgrains and the caviar black serving as a smooth juxtaposition to the subtle texture.

The Kallista family of products by Currey & Company, including the Kallista writing desk. Photo by Brian Woodcock.
The Kallista family of products, including the Kallista writing desk. Photo by Brian Woodcock.

Aimee says of winning the award: “It was quite a surprise because the competition for the Pinnacle Awards was tough, as it has always been. Home Office is not a focused category for us at Currey & Company, per se, which makes this win even more satisfying, as does the opportunity to gain exposure for our furniture program. I’d also like to say it’s an honor to win and be recognized for my creativity.”

A selection of lovely seating in Currey & Company's new upholstery program. Photo by Brian Woodcock.
A selection of lovely seating in our new upholstery program. Photo by Brian Woodcock.

Another of Aimee’s efforts, the new upholstery program, was a big hit during Market. We have restructured and streamlined the process for this category of furniture so we can deliver upholstered pieces faster than we have been able to do so in the past. Each chair, ottoman, bench or settee can be ordered upholstered in one particular fabric or in muslin if COM is desired.

Bestsellers During Market

Marshallia Chandelier by Currey & Company.

We had a number of bestsellers during Market, including our Marshallia Chandelier, which drew rave reviews. Made of wrought iron in a rustic gold finish, the slender arms of this chandelier are dripping with faux rock crystal glass pendants. Our design team kept the candle-sleeves slender so as to enhance the delicacy of this traditionally beautiful fixture.

Indigo Box Set by Currey & Company.

Appearing as if it has a painterly surface, one with naïve brushstrokes that express a delightful playfulness, our Indigo Box Set is actually a whimsical decorative accessory made of navy bone and white composite.

Zadoc Table Lamp by Currey & Company

Awash in textural patina, our Zadoc Table Lamp is made of ceramic in a mix of terracotta, natural and cloud tones. The artfully rendered surface treatments read like an abstract painting that will take on more life when the lamp is switched on. 

Phonecian Vases by Currey & Company

Perfecting the pose that they have been unearthed after years underground, our Phonecian Vases are made of terracotta in a cobblestone finish. The runnels of ivory, white and gray streaking along the surface make these vases perfect for a space begging for patina. We also offer them in blue. 

Feasts for the Senses

Attendees of the Designer Experience on the front steps of the Currey home at Elm Street Gardens in Sparta where they had a feast for the senses.
Attendees of the Designer Experience on the front steps of the Currey home at Elm Street Gardens in Sparta.

Last week, we welcomed a lively group of design professionals to Elm Street Gardens in Sparta for a leisurely lunch, the gathering one of the events taking place during the Designer Experience, which is produced by Designers Today magazine. It was a wonderful way to wrap up the conference that took place in Atlanta, and we were thrilled to provide a garden-fresh meal for everyone within the historic setting. In the photo above, we captured the group on the front steps of the iconic home that serves as a centerpiece for the lush gardens created by our founders Robert and Suzy Currey.  

Sweet eats in the Currey & Company showroom during Highpoint where it is always feasts for the senses. Photo by Beth Tilley Green.
Sweet eats in the Currey & Company showroom during High Point. Photo by Beth Tilley Green.

Happy Thanksgiving! As you can see from the mentions above, we have much to celebrate at Currey & Company. This includes the fact that we are part of the dynamic design industry dedicated to aesthetic beauty. As you gather around the table later this month to celebrate Thanksgiving, we hope each and everyone one of you have a sweet start to the holiday season.