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Console tables are noteworthy in the design canon because they fit in some of the most challenging places in the home. When we feature any of our beauties, we file the post under this tag. Think about the narrow foyer that looks bare without a piece of furniture in it, or the back of a sofa when it is placed in the middle of a space. This is prime territory for this tall, narrow table and we have a number of sophisticated designs that have won praise from interior designers and reps alike. Our Verona collection has glamorous zigzagging stretchers in gleaming metal that make a tremendous design statement. Our Morneau collection, one of our newest, has leggy tables clad in thin sheets of brass and German silver. The Boyles collection has clever trays that sit atop the table and near the floor. And the Selig collection has a beautifully designed cage-like armature that it is set within. Look for fine finishes and lovely treatments to set all of our console tables apart.

Going for the Gold

The Philipa Chandelier and Pepys Brass Pendant (shown here second and third from left) are among our new gold offerings.
The Philipa Chandelier and Pepys Brass Pendant (shown here second and third from left) are among our new gold offerings. 

With the end of the Olympic Games this past Sunday, we’d like to salute all of the athletes who put their hearts on the line and bodies through the tumult of competing. We’re quite proud of team America, whose members racked up the most medals at 113 and the most gold medals at 39! With our new introductions this summer, we had our own moment of going for the gold as we added different hues of the gleaming color to our product lineup. Here are a few of our favorites, the first three introductions in our Sasha Bikoff Collection.

Going for the Gold with New Introductions

The Sasha Bikoff Liquid Gold Console by Currey & Company fits perfectly in our going for the gold category.

The Liquid Gold Console Table lives up to its name, as the brass from which the console table is made, in a luminous gold finish, seems to be liquifying as it drips from the matte top. Living up to her reputation of designing products that add bling to a space, this new addition to Sasha’s collection will do just that.

Currey & Company’s Bee My Honey Accent Table.

The Bee My Honey Side Table is guaranteed to be a playful element in an interior. Made of brass in a polished brass finish, the gold accent table is topped with a black disc of marble. It is handmade using a technique called metal piercing, a process during which composite is poured into the cavity of a mold and intricately pierced using a nail-shaped piece of metal. The textural stippling creates the feeling of a hive around which cast bees have been welded. We also offer this design in a chandelier, which is shown below.

The Bee My Honey Chandelier by Currey & Company fits perfectly in our going for the gold category.

One of our most popular collection of products for quite some time is the Briallen Demi-Lune. While the black version has great depth thanks to its caviar black finish, and the gray version is cool and chic in its winter gray stain, the new introduction is crisply sophisticated in a cerused white oak. 

Currey & Company’s new Briallen White Demi-Lune.

The same impressively sized flower pull that has drawn applause on the previous versions is in gold on this new white version of the Briallen Demi-Lune, which makes it a shoe-in for this going for the gold piece. The floral motif also illustrates the skill of our artisans who hand-cast the handle in brass. We also offer the Briallen as nightstands and decorative boxes.

The Pepys Brass Pendant by Currey & Company fits perfectly in our going for the gold category.

Taking a traditional shape and making it modern was Tom Caldwell’s point of view when he was designing the Pepys Brass Pendant. Made of metal in a brushed brass finish, the cone-shaped gold pendant has a sophisticated mix of geometric shapes that bring it its contemporary personality, particularly the pointy finial that fastens the opaque glass diffuser to the fixture. We also offer the Pepys in a brushed nickel finish.

Currey & Company’s Philipa Chandelier

The Philipa Chandelier is designed in as classical a shape as arm chandeliers come but the angular lines and pared-down style of this gold chandelier place it well into the contemporary category. Made of wrought iron in antique brass finish, the tubular arms hold clean-lined bobeches that lift frosted glass canisters, which soften the glow of the light.

The Margam Mirror by Currey & Company fits perfectly in our going for the gold category.

The surface of the Margam Mirror has been stamped with a basket-weave pattern to give it depth. The gold mirror is made of wood over which the brass frame and mirror have been fastened. The antique brass finish is a design move of note, as the antiquing darkens the crevices of the weave pattern to provide the Margam with even more texture. This decorative mirror is going for the gold perfection!

Currey & Company’s Floris Flush Mount

Made of wrought iron in a new gold leaf finish, the Floris Flush Mount has a fluted profile and a milky glass diffuser fastened by a pert finial. Our design team takes great pride in bringing style to flush mounts, a point of view we’ve developed over decades of creating ceiling lights, and this gold flush mount is our latest iteration.

Currey & Company’s Vision Floor Lamp

Quintessentially traditional in its design, the Vision Floor Lamp is a gooseneck floor lamp with an adjustable stem. Made of brass in a vintage brass finish, the thin body of the gold floor lamp balances on a black granite base. The burnished feel the finish brings this lamp makes this a warm accent in any interior and perfect for our going for the gold post.

Olympic Feats

A collage of Currey & Company’s Pinterest board that celebrates going for the gold.
A collage of Currey & Company’s Pinterest board that celebrates going for the gold.

If you enjoyed this going for the gold exploration, you may want to stop by our Pinterest profile, as we’ve been super busy collecting our favorite home décor images in gold. You can click straight through to the board that holds these luminous products.

Sunisa (Suni) Lee with her Olympic Gold Medal.
Sunisa (Suni) Lee with her Olympic Gold Medal.

Speaking of luminous: US gymnast Suni Lee was electrifying when she won her gold medal. Her tweet after her win was very touching. She wrote, “Happy Birthday, dad! Thank you for always being my number 1 supporter & my best friend. I love you so much; you are the reason I do it all.” Isn’t it wonderful to see a young person being so humble after such a big success? We send our best wishes to all of the athletes who have sacrificed so much to represent America in the Games.