Sunny Disposition: Palm Beach Chic Style by Designers David Ecton & Lance Jackson of Parker Kennedy Living

The Parker Kennedy brand of Palm Beach chic

Now that we’re in the throes of winter, we could all use something bright and colorful to bring some warmth to these gray days. Enter two of our favorite design influencers, David Ecton and Lance Jackson of Parker Kennedy Living. We talked with them about their unique take on a quintessentially cheerful style: Palm Beach Chic.

C&C: What aspects define the Palm Beach Chic look?
Top 2 things : Color and Bamboo design. What defines Palm Beach Chic is a combination of things in my opinion. It is a look and feel of true Palm Beach people, interiors, products, colors and materials. I always think of C.Z. Guest and her iconic photos by the spool shot by Slim Aarons. I think of Estee Lauders amazing Palm Beach House photos of her terrace with pink patio furniture with the blue ocean in the background with lush green grass and palm trees filling the edges of the photo. It is an essence, feeling and overall mood of a certain lifestyle.

We interpret that through our interior design work and through our vintage furniture restoration. The top material that comes to mind is color – lots of color, in a chic way. You can do color well and then, color can be bad if not used properly within interior design. Pinks, blues, oranges, greens and whites are some of the colors that come to mind when I think of Palm Beach Chic. Bamboo design is another top aspect of the Palm Beach chic look. I always see bamboo in all kinds of different designs when I am in Palm Beach – furniture, mirrors, wallpaper, shoes, handbags, dinnerware, lighting and much more.

Bright corals for a Palm Beach vibe

C&C: What appeals to you most about Palm Beach Chic?
I love the color and textures of Palm Beach Chic. We always incorporate texture within our interior design projects we deem Palm Beach Chic; Seagrass flooring, Rattan furniture and sea grass covered walls. Really, l [love] the relaxed chic lifestyle that we think is Palm Beach Chic.

Vibrant colors underpin Palm Beach chic
The personable headboard makes this space

C&C: What are some of the go-to elements to incorporate this look into today’s interiors?
Seagrass Flooring, Seagrass wallcovering, bright color, vintage bamboo designed furniture, Bamboo styled mirrors and vintage Hollywood regency style furniture.

color everywhere in this Parker Kennedy Living space
A pattern language by Parker Kennedy Living

C&C: How do you, as designers, keep the look fresh and on-trend?
I always study all the market trends including fabrics, wall coverings, lighting and furniture. I like to stay on top of what manufactures are doing – what top designers are leaning towards. Within our interior design projects I always use a shiny bright lacquer piece of furniture, bright fabrics with crisp hues and interesting current patterns. I love to mix many textures together to keep it fresh. I always try to throw in some lucite and mirrored pieces – it always gives a sparkle and a little added chic without breaking the bank.

Palm Beach chic includes whimsy
Palm Beach is all about outdoor living
clearly a stunning choice for this chair

All photos courtesy of Parker Kennedy Living

“Parker Kennedy Living focuses on high-end residential interior design, vintage furniture restoration and product development.  Their look is “Preppy on the Edge” – Southern Regency is what Lance calls it – taking a traditional interior and elevating it to an updated look using lacquer finishes and mixing textures and vintage details with young colors and patterns.  The interiors are fresh while maintaining a deep-rooted interest in the traditional and exhibit Palm Beach overtones.”


 David Ecton & Lance Jackson of Parker Kennedy Living