Spring Time in High Point

Once again April is here and so is the spring High Point furniture market.

High Point really is a personal favorite of mine, and I think, for most of us at Currey.  It is the only place, at one time, we see all of our friends, customers and peers each year in the spring and fall.  In the case of my personal calendar, it really is the social highlight of my year.  For me, leaving High Point is always a melancholy experience as over the course of a five hour drive I realize I won’t be seeing so many people for another six months.

The spring crowds have arrived and it would appear that many are feeling better about their business, less uncertain about what the future may bring, and generally more upbeat.  Everyone is excited to see new product, catch up and maybe buy a few things.  Good stuff.

With the crowds really and truly arriving today,  our spirited and hard working catering team, bartenders and musicians worked, and I mean worked, to keep everyone feed, watered and engaged.  It was a great effort and one well spent.  It is difficult to describe just how hard, Mark Thrower’s team works, voluntarily to serve our guests.  It is a pleasure to work by their side.

I would also like to offer a big thank you to Ronda Rice Carman, whose book signing was in my opinion, a grand success.

It was a big day all in all.  Lots of people, excellent business, great socialization and exceptional entertainment.

Let’s all hope for more of the same on Tuesday.

Currey Showroom Spring High Point
entertainment at Spring market
Entertaining our clients during Spring High Point Market

Brownlee  Currey

2 thoughts on “Spring Time in High Point

  1. Lee Whitehead

    Hello, we stopped by your lovely showroom while in High Point and I wanted to find out if you have alocal representatative for the maryland area. Also, what is the opening order amount to become a wholesale customer of yours? Thanks so much. Lee Whitehead

    1. Brownlee Currey Post author

      Dear Lee,
      We have a great representative, Marion Kelly, who lives in your area. He can easily go through the details of becoming a dealer with you. I will ask him to get in contact with you shortly.

      Glad to hear you liked the showroom in High Point.


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