Our Sustainable Story

Currey & Company is focused on sustainability

For a while now, we at Currey & Company have been putting significant effort into making our story a sustainable. We are committed to lessening the impact our processes and products have on our environment. These efforts are undertaken in our factories, showrooms, warehouse and office, and they represent one of our core values.

A Sustainable Point of View

Sustainable Furnishings Council logo

Here are a few ways we have been increasing our efforts toward sustainability. We have been a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council since 2010, and have seen the positive impact the organization makes in our industry. Won’t you join us in becoming a member? Among the actions that garnered us the ARTS Green Award this year are maintaining a paperless warehouse in Atlanta; making a commitment to recycling and composting in the warehouse, office, and showrooms; bringing Tala LED lightbulbs to the U.S. as the company’s distributor; and ensuring that our showrooms are as environmentally sensitive as possible. 

Deviled eggs served on little biodegradable dishes shaped like leaves.
Deviled eggs served on little biodegradable dishes shaped like leaves.

Along these lines, we have transitioned our dishware in our showrooms to products that are made from recycled materials, such as plant-based substances: we now have plates made from sugar cane and utensils made from wheat stem. This has cut down considerably on plastic waste. You can see more details about how we’re doubling down on becoming more sustainable in our High Point showroom in this previous post

Our Products with Sustainable Attributes

The list of sustainable materials we use to make our products includes rattan, abaca rope, bamboo, recycled glass, and shells. When the products come out of the containers and we see them for the first time, we’re always amazed at the beauty artisans can create with elemental building blocks!

Gaborone Chandelier by Currey & Company

Working with natural materials like rattan is a strong suit of our artisans, who’ve taken the reeds and woven them into a work of art in our Gaborone Chandelier. The frame is made of wrought iron in a contemporary gold leaf finish that adds to the warmth of this lovely fixture.

Kingali Chandelier by Currey & Company

Our Kingali Chandelier has interlocking sections of natural rattan fastened by wrought iron ties in a new brass finish. The chandelier, designed by Clarence Mallari, is cleverly fitted with an off-white shantung shade. The Kingali also comes in a wall sconce, a lantern, and a grande chandelier.

Antibes Small chandelier by Currey & Company

Painstakingly woven by artisans who use traditional techniques, the Antibes Small Chandelier is a marriage of artistry and high-quality construction. Natural rattan forms the body of this geometric chandelier supported by a wrought iron frame in a khaki finish. This is one of several fixtures in the Antibes family.

Denison Rattan Lantern by Currey & Company

The Denison Rattan Lantern is a hammered wrought-iron fixture in a Molé black finish that is wrapped in rattan. The classic lantern shape has stood the test of time to make it one of our most popular offerings. A design element of note is the square that fastens the lantern to the chain. This is one of a number of sizes and finishes in the Denison family.

Samoa Chandelier by Currey & Company included in our products that are sustainable

With a skirt woven from Abacá rope, the Samoa Chandelier will bring elemental style to a space. The wrought iron hardware in a gesso white finish brings the profile of this rope chandelier a light and airy feel. We also offer the Samoa in a pendant and a two-tiered chandelier.

Mallorca Chandelier by Currey & Company

Our Mallorca Chandelier has a wavy profile. The band that connects the eight lights is made of wrought iron wrapped in Abacá rope. The bulbs that illuminate this rope chandelier are set on luminous rods in a dark contemporary gold finish.

Palm Beach Lantern by Currey & Company made of arurog that is sustainable

The Palm Beach Lantern is made of interconnecting stems of the Arurog plant. These are fastened to a wrought iron frame in a pattern that makes the natural material favor bamboo. Adding a bit of elegance to the graceful curves of this lantern is a Pyrite bronze finish on the metal. 

Aquaterra Pendant and Hightider Pendant by Currey & Company

The Aquaterra Pendant with its recycled glass shade has a loveliness not often associated with recast glass. This is because the glassblower achieved a surface that reads like water frozen into a globe shape. An old-iron finish is a contrasting element on the glass pendant. The Hightider Pendant is the perfect combination of natural and industrial materials. It has a recycled glass shade and wrought iron hardware in a French black finish. The Abacá rope that is wrapped around the neck of the nautical pendant brings it a hint of texture. Clarence Mallari’s original inspiration came from the small bells used by people selling ice cream in the Philippines. We also offer the Hightider as a wall sconce, a multi-pendant, and a chandelier.

The Galahad Chandelier by Currey & Company with recycled glass that's sustainable

The Galahad Chandelier has recycled glass and recast glass discs that are individually attached by hand to hang from its immense wrought iron frame finished in bronze. The size of this twelve-light glass chandelier is impressive, as are the reflected hues that glint through the recycled discs that make up the shade.

Stillwater Oval Chandelier by Currey & Company, oyster shells are sustainable

The Stillwater Oval Chandelier dangles strands of hand-selected oyster shells from a wrought iron frame in a blacksmith finish. This versatile shell chandelier illustrates the artistry with which our design team approaches natural, nautical materials. We also offer the Stillwater in an pendant.

Batad Shell Round Mirror by Currey & Company, shells are sustainable

The Batad Shell Round Mirror is covered in tiny shells that have been painstakingly applied. The conical shape of this particular shell adds textural interest to the thick frame of the decorative mirror, while the pearlized shell exteriors create a subtle interplay of light and dark. 

Sustainability in Every Style

Currey & Company is focused on sustainability. As you can see from the variety of products we’ve shown here, which are only a handful of the many we offer, sustainability comes in just about every style. Take a look for yourself by perusing our website for products made from particular materials to see all of our offerings in that category.