Imperfect Symmetry

When it comes to what most people consider beautiful, sameness and symmetry have long flooded our culture and our minds as the utmost standard of measure. Gratefully, however, we have truly begun to see a shift away from those stale ideas that idolize uniformity and are more wholeheartedly accepting of unconventional, if not rare, beauty. One area that we can truly appreciate uncommon beauty at its best is through the use of both hard and soft woods in the fine art of furniture building.

There is definitely imperfect symmetry in the De Stijl chest

De Stijl Chest

For as long as men have been building furniture, the inherent uniqueness of wood has inspired them to design and create furniture pieces that speak clearly of the distinctiveness of the natural material and of its timeless quality.

The Claude occasional table is symmetry personified

Claude Occasional Table

Rustic to refined, effortless to elaborate, the use of wood in home furnishings adds warmth, life and history and is a bastion of resistance against the modern world.

The patterning on the Prado media cabinet defies symmetry

Prado Media Cabinet