Here We Grow! Currey & Company Office Expansion & Renovation

There is a lot of racket going on at Currey & Company these days. As anyone who has called our office recently can tell, there is a whole lot of hammering, banging and beeping going on. We are under construction and for the best of reasons. Our team is growing and we need to make sure we have enough room for everyone.

So what are we doing? We are: expanding our office space to include more cubicles, doubling the number of offices, establishing a space for our design team to do collaborative work, adding additional bathrooms, creating a new showroom space, building out a photography studio, adding two new conference rooms and creating a new training room to be used for our education programs and company meetings.

Expansion of the Currey & Company office

So why are we doing all this? We needed a place where all of our people could do their work in the right environment. Our design team needed a place where they could meet, interact and yet still have lots of quiet time. Our photographer needed some air conditioning when he is spending hours shooting our products. Our teachers need a space that could be dedicated to their students. We needed to be able to have both large and small meetings. And lastly, who doesn’t like a nice bathroom?

construction at the Currey & Company office

Image provided by Brownlee Currey

More than addressing different types of needs, our current expansion addresses another question; how do we grow in the future? Today’s projects will give us the room to grow for years to come. And that, we believe, is worth doing.