Grand Opening Soiree at The NYDC

Back on February 5th we passed another milestone as a company when we officially launched our New York showroom in the New York Design Center, or NYDC for short. We are excited about the opportunities this new showroom will open up for us to serve our customers in a more exemplary fashion. Having a showroom in New York will allow our customers in the New England area to see our product in person and have their questions answered face-to-face. For the Grand Opening we invited many of New York and New England’s finest Interior Designers and Decorators and, despite the bad weather, had an amazing turn out! Below are some of the photos taken at our lovely little party.

We are so grateful to those who traveled through the ice and snow to make it to the NYDC Grand Opening! It was a wonderful success and we could not have done it without you! And we celebrate the designers who stopped by. That means you, Marjorie Skouras and the Madcap Cottage gents.

3 thoughts on “Grand Opening Soiree at The NYDC

    1. Al Gould

      Hi Brownlee –
      The New Showroom is the Frosting on the Cake. The Currey & Company name has been Fantastically Branded over the years which has helped you become a Star in the Industry Today. Congratulations.

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