Favorite Products Revealed

Brownlee Currey of Currey & Company
Brownlee Currey of Currey & Company

A furnishings manufacturer choosing his favorite products could be as difficult as a parent choosing a favorite child. Fortunately, this wasn’t the case with our CEO Brownlee Currey, who readily gave us his picks in each category with wonderful elucidation. From shimmering quartz to sculptural objects and Greek Key motifs to the visage of a pirate that gave him pause, here is an eclectic look at the breadth of our new introductions. 

Brownlee Currey’s Favorite Products

We’ve made it easy for you to view all of our new introductions that include Brownlee’s favorite products. Simply visit our home page and click on “Shop New” in the header image featuring our Samoa Two-Tiered Chandelier. We hope you enjoyed this tour of Brownlee’s favorite pieces debuting now. We’ll be sharing the picks of other team members soon.

The Currey & Company Farina Table Lamp.

The Farina Table Lamp is a lovely story of how product designs evolve as we work on them. The inspiration for this lamp was very much studio pottery, a piece where the potter had allowed or encouraged the pot to collapse and fold in on itself. But how does one replicate THAT? We couldn’t find a ceramicist who was able to give us the effect we wanted with the consistency we needed for our customers. So, instead we asked our sculptor to give us a model that we could cast and duplicate, which is how we finally accomplished the form. Lastly, we applied a gesso finish and a black shade to bring the piece into this decade or place it squarely in the 1940s. You decide!

The Currey & Company Nightfall  Wall Sconce is among Brownlee Currey's favorite products

The new Nightfall Wall Sconce is a beautiful, organic, translucent sculpture for the wall. The smoky quartz panels are gorgeous, soft, and shimmering. The quartz is the real deal and it shows, especially in person.

The Currey & Company Zoe Sand Chair designed by Barry Goralnick is among Brownlee Currey's favorite products

Barry Goralnick’s Zoe Sand Chair is my favorite piece of furniture. It sits just great, at least for me, and there is fine detail everywhere you look. The Greek Key cut-outs on the wooden arms are spectacular. 

The Currey & Company Barbados Bust is among Brownlee Currey's favorite products

The Barbados Bust is my choice among the new accessories. Personally, I really struggled with the idea of having this piece in the line. But, the longer I looked at the sample, the better I felt he looked and the more I enjoyed the presence of this supposed “pirate” portrait. He’s my favorite because he challenged me to expand my thoughts about what was possible for us to do and to sell, and I feel all the better for having accepted his company.

The Currey & Company Hibiscus Chandelier designed by Sasha Bikoff is among Brownlee Currey's favorite products

I’m a big fan of Sasha Bikoff’s Hibiscus Chandelier. I like how the shock of color feels really daring for our line today, while clearly referencing Italian painted tole. For me, it is vibrant, challenging, and exciting.

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Two Mentions of Note

Cecil Adams and Sandra Funk on Instagram TV

Next Tuesday, April 28, at 4pm, designer Sandra Funk and our Cecil Adams will discuss the inspiration for and application of Currey & Company’s 2020 spring collection on Instagram at @houseoffunkdesign. Given the two personalities involved, this will prove to be a lively discussion no doubt!

Currey & Company is a member of the Sustainable Furnishings Council

Today is Earth Day and we celebrate everyone involved in environmental efforts. We are committed to do our part, and one of the ways we do so is through our continued membership with and support of the Sustainable Furnishings Council. Won’t you join us in becoming a member

Details on Brownlee’s Favorite New Products

Farina Table Lamp: The sculptural quality of the Farina Table Lamp is stunning in a gesso white finish. Made of composite, the organic shape of the Farina is anchored by a rubber-wood base in a matte black finish. The white lamp is topped with a black shantung shade.

Nightfall Wall Sconce: Made of faux rock crystal and wrought iron in a contemporary gold leaf finish, our Nightfall Wall Sconce has a shade fashioned from three organic shapes of gleaming faux stone that is both playful and sophisticated. The crystal sconce is certified for damp locations.

Zoe Sand Chair: The Zoe Sand Chair, designed by Barry Goralnick, is a roomy club chair that is deep and comfortable. The chair evokes the spirit of Hollywood Regency while offering a current sophisticated design that complements any room today. Made of European Beech with a dark walnut finish, the Zoe is upholstered in an Appeal sand fabric and has a CNC cut motif around the frame in a repeating Greek Key pattern. We also offer the Zoe as a credenza and a cabinet.

Among our new accessories is our Barbados Bust: Jean-Charles Chappuis, our maestro of accessories sourcing, says he adores the Barbados Bust that was inspired by plaster of Paris sculpture that was in vogue during the 1940s—one that is in his own collection. This Pirate is created when a rough bust is molded in raw porcelain. Then an artist with a knife adds texture to the skin of the sculpture, carves the eyes, and gives the profile its emotional demeanor. All of this is then given a plaster of Paris finish and baked.

Hibiscus Chandelier: The tropical floral side of Miami Beach inspired the Hibiscus Chandelier in our Sasha Bikoff Collection. “It’s my favorite flower,” says the designer of the motif we’ve created from wrought iron in a mix of glossy white, pink, and green finishes. The floral chandelier will be a bright pop of color in any space. We offer the Hibiscus in a number of designs.