Currey & Company Appoints Denise McGaha Brand Ambassador

Currey & Company’s Vice-President of Sales/Marketing, Bob Ulrich, has recently appointed Texas native, Denise McGaha, to represent our company as Brand Ambassador. This newly formed position will enable Currey & Company “to build a deeper connection and awareness with our customers,” says Ulrich.

Ms. McGaha’s experience as an interior designer, blogger, presenter and marketing executive for luxury brand Neiman Marcus makes her the perfect advocate for the Currey brand. Currey’s Creative Director, Cecil Adams shares, “this unique mix of experience makes Denise a great fit to understand and spread the word about Currey & Company to her peers, many of whom are our customers and to others we hope to become our customers.”

Founded 25 years ago by Suzanne & Robert Currey, our company has always considered exemplary customer service equal with distinctive product design. As we grow and expand, it is our customer who holds our attention. Denise will provide an access point to further engage our customers and understand their business needs. President Brownlee Currey adds, “Denise has good taste, abundant enthusiasm for design, and a thorough understanding of the design business. Together these attributes make her a meaningful and important voice for our company.”

Denise McGaha is Currey & Company's new brand ambassador

As Currey’s insider/outsider brand ambassador, Denise can help guide the company to do an even better job of providing the type of product and service that will delight and satisfy the desires of our customers. Please note Currey’s hashtag for this venture #insideroutsider.