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It is quite an honor to have been asked to write the first blog for “& Company.”  There is an inside connection:  My son, Brownlee, president of Currey & Company, is the one who made this request.  With help from the “& Company” Brownlee is running this business that I aided and abetted Robert Currey in beginning back in the late 1980’s. I was the sole writer and voice for the company for the first twenty years of its existence and it seemed appropriate to Brownlee that I make the first entry here.

Robert celebrates son Brownlee Currey
Robert Currey hands Brownlee an antique measuring stick.

The company’s story is one of evolution as well as one of people.  It began as a company focused on very proper historic garden furnishings whose seriousness was amusingly enhanced by an entertaining mix of whimsical rustic accessories.  And it evolved into a company that excelled in lighting products. Go figure: the “accidental lighting company,” indeed.  But all of these products told a story of the work of human hands.

Fast-forward to 2013 and Currey is not only offering lighting and garden furniture, but also interior furniture items from case goods to custom upholstery.  While the original eclectic nature of the company was largely inspired by the vision of Robert Currey, the company now relies on many eyes and hands to make its collections a reality.

And that is where the “people” part of the story comes in.  It is people, the “& Company” part of our name, that makes Currey & Company what it is today.  From designers to sales people to account executives to packing experts, people are what make the company great.  Without the design talent and the hard workers in Atlanta, Angles City and (China), Currey & Company would not be the company it is now.

In looking at the company’s past, two people who were there in the beginning come to mind. Ken Woods joined us in the late 1980’s and managed singlehandedly the packing and shipping of orders of products such as handcrafted willow chairs and wrought iron candlesticks to national catalog operations. Ken’s bad shoulder in later years not only developed from too much fast pitch softball, but also from operating a tape gun for hours on end.  As the company grew, Ken continued to manage the ever-expanding warehouse operation.  He retired a few years ago, but returns to help with select events such as warehouse sales.

Another person who has been part of the Currey & Company team for years is not actually an employee of the company.  Photographer David Schilling has taken countless images of Currey & Company products over the years, beginning in 1987 when he took the photographs of our first collection of historic garden furniture.  His work for Currey began in the days of film and darkroom work and has spanned the years of change as he moved into digital imagery.

The Currey & Company story is all about such people. There are the shining starts whose vision and hard work shapes the company.  And there are the people who contribute daily and consistently to all the necessary arenas of daily operations.  It has been wonderful to see them as they work and achieve the goals that have made Currey  & Company what it is today. They are the “& Company.”

So get ready to read more here about and from “& Company” folks as well as hearing plenty about Currey & Company product.  We’ve got a lot of good people with good stories to tell.

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  1. Susan Krueger McCarthy


    Love the fact that you take such an interest in your company.
    Really pushes the fact that you are a ” Family”

    P.S. The fact that your chosen products are eclectic, beautiful , etc also helps.


    1. Brownlee Currey Post author

      Dear Susan,
      Thank you for your kind words. And we are in fact, a family of sorts, just a rather differently organized one.

      Kind Regards,

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