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No Place Like Home

Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz

In an iconic moment in movie history, Dorothy Gales says, “There’s no place like home” in The Wizard of Oz. With this statement our Vice President/Creative Director Cecil Adams was off and running with his trend stories for our new fall releases. Home will continue to evolve into a now normal, he notes; there will be additions to the spaces we use the most, including rooms dedicated to the Internet; wellness is being redefined since it is happening at home with greater frequency; and we will all be dealing with the live/work conundrum within our private residences for the foreseeable future. 

Revival Starts at Home

Vases filled with flowers from the Currey & Company showroom during High Point Market

The R’s have it, he adds: Re-new, Re-invent, Re-birth, Rejuvenation, Re-discovery, Re-model, and Revival. Listing the trends he is continuing to see are Industrial, Farmhouse, Blue, Black and White, and Gray with Contemporary, Bohemian, Coastal, Modern/Mid-Century Modern, Traditional, and Rustic also popular. Within our new introductions, he places our products in the farmhouse and industrial styles in a broader category of black and white, a color combination that has been particularly strong for us for a number of years.

We asked Samantha Hart, the Executive Editor for Home Design at Meredith and the Editor of Modern Farmhouse Style magazine, why she believes an invigorated take on farmhouse aesthetics is so popular now. “Homeowners are looking for more authentic designs that nod to the past but still feel fresh,” she tells us. “Modern farmhouse style gets that mix just right. It’s nostalgic, warm, comforting, and familiar, which are all the emotions we want to feel when we step inside our homes, particularly in these stressful times.”

We couldn’t agree more. Below, we present the new products that we have just introduced in this popular category.  

Currey & Company Modern Farmhouse Style

Soba Rectangular Chandelier for the home by Currey & Company

Simplicity is one of the strengths of the design of our Soba Chandelier (below) and Rectangular Chandelier (above), which is made of wrought iron in a Hiroshi gray finish and white porcelain. The thin articulated stems of the chandeliers—linear on the rectangular version and round on the circular design—hold white porcelain noodle bowls that have been fitted to them to serve as shades. 

Soba Chandelier by Currey & Company

This family of fixtures can easily swing from industrial chic to modern farmhouse style. We also offer the Soba as a wall sconce, which is featured later in this post.

Thalliard Pendant for the home by Currey & Company

The domed shade of the Thalliard Pendant is made of wrought iron with a sugar white exterior and contemporary gold leaf interior, which gives the illumination wafting from the white pendant a warm glow. The Thalliard is a nod to modern farmhouse style, as the pared down shape salutes early Americana, though with a sophisticated twist.

Pennard Pendant by Currey & Company with Modern Farmhouse Style

About his design of the Oldany Pendant, Tom Caldwell notes that a commanding feature on the gray pendant is how the metal shade in a Hiroshi gray finish is suspended. “The wood turnings in a washed wood finish are linked together to create a unique and unusual ‘chain.’” This fixture with its sugar white finish on the interior of its shade, he adds, is a shoe-in for the modern farmhouse style.

Oldany Pendant perfect for the Modern Farmhouse Style home

The Pennard Pendant is made of metal in a matte black finish and off-white ceramic. The geometric interplay of shapes adds interest to the pendant, while the color combination and industrial feel of its profile creates its down-home-meets-sophisticated character.

Soba Wall Sconce by Currey & Company

Simplicity is one of the strengths of the design of our Soba Wall Sconce, which is made of wrought iron in a Hiroshi gray finish and white porcelain. The thin articulated stem of the gray wall sconce telescopes upward to lift its porcelain noodle bowl. The sconce, which can swing from industrial chic to modern farmhouse style, is certified for damp locations. 

Breakspear Wall Sconce by Currey & Company

The Breakspear Wall Sconce is a nod to Americana with its no-nonsense lines and seeded glass panel that reads like antique glass. Made of metal in an antique black finish, the Breakspear is certified for damp locations and meets ADA requirements. If a traditional black sconce is desired, this durable and simple design is sure to satisfy.

Viewforth Chandelier perfect for the Modern Farmhouse Style home

The Viewforth Chandelier is a rope-wrapped double canister of luminosity. Made of wrought iron that is painstakingly wrapped in a mix of natural and black abaca rope, the chandelier illustrates the talents of our artisans who seamlessly wind the rope around the frames by hand.

Porcini Table Lamp by Currey & Company

The Porcini Table Lamp brings a whimsical element to a room that’s just as organic as its name! Festooned with mushrooms, the concrete creation looks remarkably like a weather-worn tree trunk. The gray table lamp is the perfect luminary for woodland cabins and lakefront homes. We’ve topped the Porcini with a light gray linen shade.

Pozzolana Table Lamp

Also new is our Pozzolana Table Lamp with its implied stacked base, which looks like Italian roof tiles, is made of concrete in a charcoal finish, which brings it the feel of age. It was named for the hydraulic cement that is made by grinding pozzolana, a type of slag, which was discovered by the Romans and is still used in some countries today. We’ve topped this lamp with a natural linen shade.

Shipshape Table Lamp perfect for the Modern Farmhouse Style Home

The Shipshape Table Lamp has a ceramic surface that is painstakingly covered with natural rope. The lamp is an example of the skill our artisans have when they wind the material by hand so evenly it reads as a seamless textural surface. The rope covering the middle ball has been painted black, and we’ve topped the lamp with a black shantung shade that brings cohesion to the overall design. The finial is also wrapped in painted rope.      

Modern Farmhouse Comfort

We hope you’ve enjoyed seeing the products we’re offering this fall in the modern farmhouse style. Our wish is that they will bring the warm, comforting, and familiar vibe to your home that Samantha Hart noted so brilliantly.