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Magic Mirror on the Wall

Evil Queen with Magic Mirror Show White
The Evil Queen in front of the Magic Mirror in an illustration by Joseph Jacobs published in Europa’s fairy book in 1916.

“Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all?” asked the evil queen in the fairytale Snow White. For years, the answer “My Queen, you are the fairest in the land” pleased her immensely. Once Snow White’s beauty blossomed, the response—”My Queen, you are the fairest here so true. But Snow White is a thousand times more beautiful than you” set her on the path to revenge.

Currey & Company High Point Showroom
Entry to the newly designed High Point showroom with the Morneau mirrors front and center.

High Point: the Fairest Mirror

Other than envy from your friends when they see them in your interiors, the mirrored marvels being introduced with our other new products during High Point Market, as we speak, will inspire only positive vibes. We’ll present a few of them intermingled with beauty shots taken by the super talented Beth Tilley Green, who always makes us look so terrific during Market, so you can see just how effervescent they are.

Toasting 30 years for Currey & Company
The Currey family and Bob Ulrich toasting 30 years for Currey & Company.

But first, we wanted to share that we had a blast toasting our 30-year anniversary yesterday, the colleagues, clients and reps gathered around us making the atmosphere so festive, as you can see from this photo below in which Robert is telling Brownlee no son could have measured up better than he did, the antique measuring stick Robert had found with other wooden tools drawing great laughter from everyone, including Brownlee and Suzy.

Robert celebrates son Brownlee Currey
Robert Currey hands Brownlee an antique measuring stick.

We thank each and every one of you for helping us make our company, founded by Robert and Suzy and carried into the next three decades (and more) by Brownlee, such a resounding success.

Currey & Company Davy Pendant
The Davy Pendant, designed by  Barry Goralnick, debuting today.

Today, we’re celebrating the debut of the Barry Goralnick Collection from 3 to 5 p.m. in our showroom at IHFC M110 on Main Street so stop by if you are in High Point. Above is a beauty shot of his Davy Pendant. Tomorrow, the Denise McGaha Collection debuts, the festivities getting underway at 3 and winding down at around 5 p.m. Below is a detail shot of the beautifully crafted frame of her Nissa Mirror.

Detail Nissa Mirror by Denise McGaha
A detail shot of the Nissa Mirror, new by Denise McGaha for Currey & Company.

And don’t miss the opportunity to meet Jeffrey Dungan and buy his new book “The Nature of Home: Creating Timeless Houses.” He will be signing copies from 2 to 4 p.m. on Sunday. And now for an introduction to a few of our most appealing mirrored products!

Magic Mirror on the Wall

Detail of Metro Gold Mirror
A detail of the frame of the Metro Gold Square Mirror displayed brilliantly in the High Point Showroom.

Think Paris International Style, which was all the rage in the 1930s, but with a contemporary new twist and you have a read on the Metro Gold Square Mirror. The interlocking rectangles of the wrought iron that create the frame of this decorative mirror, which has been treated to contemporary gold leaf finish, is a nod to early modernism. We offer the Metro in a number of products in several finishes.

Currey & Company celebrates
The August Mirror reflects the festive atmosphere as David and Anna pour the champagne for the toast to our 30-year anniversary.

From laurel-wreath crowns to ornamented shields, the Roman Emperors were known as some of history‘s most stalwart leaders. Our August Large Mirror (shown above) has a sunburst motif that would have been right at home on crowns during ceremonies or on shields in battle during classical antiquity. Made of wrought iron in a white gesso finish, the decorative mirror is a stunning creation that proves the talent of our finish artisans. This is the perfect for the lover of classicism who prefers to keep the mood light.

Figure mirror by Marjorie Skouras
The Figuier Mirror by Currey & Company, designed by Marjorie Skouras, displayed above Denise McGaha’s Castille Demi-Lune.

Known for taking symbols from nature and turning them into the most exuberant of motifs, Marjorie Skouras has done it again with the Figuier Mirror (shown above). The leaves, made of cast aluminum in an antique brass finish with subtle green veining, seem so supple they are surely being stirred by a gentle breeze. The slender stems that dance along the edge of the mirrored surface create a playful pattern all their own. This decorative mirror will wow whether placed within a traditional setting or a classical backdrop.

Morneau Gold Mirror
Detail shot of the frame of the Morneau Gold Square Mirror by Currey & Company.

Our metal cladding collection includes the Morneau Gold Square Mirror. The style of these pieces combines the handsome lines popular in Paris during the moderne movement with contemporary cleanness. Striations on the surface give the gold cladding on this decorative mirror a textural feel. The craftsmanship required to create such contemporary aesthetics with this material highlights the skills of our metal artisans. We offer a number of varied products in the Morneau family.

Darcy Credenza Currey & Company
The Darcy Credenza by Currey & Company with its mirrored front scored with a diamond pattern.

With a surface as complex as a character in a Jane Austen novel, our Darcy Credenza has artfully scored antiqued mirror doors that are etched in a simplified line-drawing of a diamond facet setting. Placed in a mid-century modern room, this cabinet with its dove gray finish would certainly take on the era‘s characteristics but it would look just as apropos in a transitional or an industrial chic interior. The Darcy illustrates the talent of our design and finishing teams, as achieving such a refined sense of texture on a mirrored surface is challenging.

Mirah chandelier by Currey & Company
The Mirah Chandelier by Currey & Company with Raj mirrored panels.

Wedges of Raj mirror held in place by a wrought iron frame that has been treated to a pyrite bronze finish create an ethereal glow when the Mirah Chandelier is lit. The finish we achieve with the Raj mirror is one in a long list of layered treatments with which our artisans excel. Arcing around a central orb that holds the light source, the panes of mirror on this fixture are luminous even when the lights are switched off, as the mirroring is a magnet for natural light.

Come by and see us if you are at Market and make like a queen: we’re certain our magic mirrors will give you the answer you’re seeking!

This post by Saxon Henry, a content strategist and The Modern Salonnière.