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Effervescing at High Point

Eyelash chandelier effervescing
The effervescing Eyelash Chandelier gets its close-up.

Given we are known for our lighting, you might say that we at Currey & Company are effervescing when we are showing off products in our showrooms! In preparing the material for the new releases debuting during High Point Market, which will glint onto the scene within a few hours, we noticed how many glowing products we have in our introductions. We’ll prove just how bright we are after we give you a rundown of the events that will take place this week. Remember, we’re at IHFC, Main, on the first floor, so stop by and see us from tomorrow, April 12 through next Tuesday, April 18.

Effervescing at High Point

Music Currey & Company showroom
We like to keep the atmosphere lively in our High Point showroom!

First up is our “Preview and Organic Day” on April 13 from 8 a.m. to 7 p.m. We offer 5% off of all orders placed that day, and we’ll be serving an organic luncheon with produce from Robert and Suzanne Currey’s organic gardens. We will also have live music and organic libations, of course, as we always like to keep the fun lively!

Elm Street Gardens organic mushrooms
Did someone say mushrooms? They’re organic and they’re from Elm Street Gardens!

We have two events on April 14. Come by for lunch with the magical Aviva Stanoff, who is the definition effervescing, between 11:30 a.m. and 1:30 p.m. when you can meet the design star and see additions to The Aviva Stanoff Collection. If your schedule is too jam-packed for a freshly prepared lunch, we know you’ll at least have time for a glass (or two). Aviva will share with us how she incorporates a sense of positivity and good vibes into her textiles and other designs.

an effervescing Aviva Stanoff at Currey & Company
Aviva Stanoff will talk positivity on Saturday so you won’t want to miss it.

From 3 to 5 p.m. on the 14th, we will hold the panel discussion “What’s Old is New: Designing with Antiques in the Digital Age.” Given that today’s interiors are all about storytelling, and that no element adds more to a narrative than a beautifully crafted antique object, we will be interested to hear what our experts on the subject have to say about incorporating them into a room. We’ve rounded up antiques experts Eric Cohler, President of Eric Cohler Design; Toma Clark Haines, CEO of The Antiques Diva & Co.; Alexa Hampton, President of Mark Hampton; Jason Oliver Nixon, Co-Founder of Madcap Cottage; and Gary Inman, VP of Hospitality at Baskervill. They will discuss the relevance of antiques in the age of technology during this event sponsored by ASPIRE Magazine.

Potterton Books Pop-Up at Currey & Company
Claire and Simon of Potterton Books return to offer brilliant titles to all of our design and architecture fans.

And don’t forget that the Potterton Books Pop-Up Shop returns. Claire Jameson and Simon Barton will be in the house every day from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. to help everyone navigate their impressive selection of new, vintage, and out-of-print books about architecture, interior decoration, landscape gardening, and the decorative arts. We’ve received glowing reviews on the selection of titles they curate for Market so add a bit of extra time when you are planning to come by so you can peruse their offerings.

Luminous Products Debuting This Week

And now for the bright young things we also hope will result in high praise! Among the new effervescing offerings are two shimmering Aviva Stanoff introductions, the Moonshadow Chandelier and the Mermaid Glass Table/Stool. Here they are sprinkled among some of our other shiny products that debut this week!

Moonshadow chandelier CurreyCo
The new Currey & Company Moonshadow Chandelier, effervescing when it’s lit or not.

If the glowing orb that traverses the night sky could shed its roundness and dress itself in a long flowy skirt of crystals, it would introduce itself as our Moonshadow Chandelier designed by Aviva Stanoff. Long irregular pieces of Selenite dangle from a metal shade in an antique brass finish, the crystalline minerals effervescing when the light is switched on. Even when it is not lit, this chandelier is a luminous decorative accent.

Currey & Company Darcy Cabinet
The new Currey & CompanyDarcy Cabinet with a line-drawing of a diamond facet setting on its doors.

With a surface as complex as a character in a Jane Austen novel, our Darcy Cabinet has artfully scored antiqued mirror doors that are etched in a simplified line-drawing of a diamond facet setting. Placed in a mid-century modern room, this cabinet with its dove gray finish would certainly take on the era’s characteristics but it would look just as apropos in a transitional or an industrial chic interior.

Andenne Table Lamp by Currey & Company
The new Currey & CompanyAndenne Table Lamp, a molten sculpture in glass.

Achieving a fluted design like the one that makes our Andenne Table Lamp so special takes incredible skill. Our artisans used a mix of clear and turquoise molten glass to create the veritable work of art that we’ve placed on a stacked optic crystal base. The hardware on this stunning design has been treated to a nickel finish. We then topped it with an oversized rectangular shade to add drama to the composition.

Currey & CompanyGrand Lotus Flush Mount
The Currey & CompanyGrand Lotus Flush Mount in a new silver finish.

Undulations of luxurious silvery-hued metal treated to a contemporary silver leaf finish form the flowering silhouette of the Grand Lotus Flush Mount, one of our bestselling family of light fixtures. Skillfully fashioned from wrought iron, this two-light fixture with its marbleized acrylic diffuser is a gorgeous interpretation of the blossom upon which Asian deities are known to pose.

Mermaid Glass Table Stool by CurreyCo
Our Mermaid Glass Table/Stool effervescing with its opalescent finish.

Emulating the iridescence of its mythic namesake, our Mermaid Glass Table/Stool in The Aviva Stanoff Collection is a piece with an opalescent personality. The luminous exterior has been achieved with a mermaid glass finish and the pale base on which it perches is in a gleaming pearl finish. Given its nod to the sea, this accent piece would add a glint to any room in a beachside cottage or an oceanfront home. Use it as a table or a stool, as it is apropos for both. We also offer the Mermaid in a decorative mirror.

Currey & Company Halo Wall Sconce
The new Currey & Company Halo Wall Sconce is a study in effervescence.

Introduce a celestial display of illumination into a space with our Halo Wall Sconce. Not only does the mirror behind the light source glow when the light is switched on, the artfully placed rods of Selenite effervesce. Given these materials create such a monochromatic coolness, we treated the stem and candle-arm to an antique brass finish to provide a bit of warmth. Think of it as a candle held high into the sky to spark like a far-off star when you flip the switch on.

An Illuminated Sphinx

Currey & Company Ariadne family of lights
The Ariadne family of lights is an ode to a luminous knotty tale!

Since we are all zipping off to High Point for the manic design marathon, I thought I’d leave you with a bit of Zen today. Ranier Maria Rilke is one of the moodiest poets to ever riff on the human condition. If you find yourself hyperventilating during the next week, take a deep breath and consult your shy moonshadow during a moment of silence!

My shy moonshadow would like to speak
with my sunshade from far away
in the language of fools;
I in between, an illumined sphinx,
conferring silence, to the right and left
I’ve given birth to both.
Every our outdoor lighting effervesces!

Our sunshades and moonshadows will see you all in High Point stat!

Outdoor lighting by Currey & Company
Even our outdoor lighting effervesces!

This post by Saxon Henry, a content strategist and The Modern Salonnière.