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Organic Matters: Supporting Sustainability

Organic shapes and surfaces in Currey & Company's products

The use of natural and recycled materials in home furnishings is gaining a prominent and permanent place in the design industry for creating organic shapes and surfaces. An increasing consciousness of the human impact on the environment, as well as expanded offerings of naturally occurring and responsibly sourced materials presents a unique opportunity for manufacturers to create sustainable products.

Says Susan Inglis of the Sustainable Furnishings Council: “We are greening up the home furnishings industry, helping consumers know what choices are healthier for their families and for the wider world, and where to find those products.” 

As a member of the SFC, Currey & Company is acutely aware of the impact our processes and products have on the health of our planet and the future of our community. The Currey & Company Design Team has embraced this ideology and regularly incorporates recycled glass, reclaimed wood, driftwood, shells, natural wrought iron and responsibly sourced native woods into the company’s offerings. In this way, we are providing home furnishings that are elegant, comfortable and GREEN, confirming our commitment to sustainability and our goal of continuous improvement. These products are also great for adding organic texture to an interior.

To learn more about The Sustainable Furnishings Council or to become a member, visit their website.