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Behind the Design with Christina Pomroy

If ever you’re looking for a serious dose of style to add to your interiors, a bit of jewelry for your home, our fresh-faced and fabulous designer, Christina Pomroy, has created many designs for Currey & Company that you are sure to love. Christina has designed several best-selling products for Currey and enjoys creating functional designs from uncommon forms. Christina recently discussed with us some of the things that inspire her creativity and gave us a peek at the story behind one of her favorite designs, the Haley Chandelier.

Christina Pomroy

Christina Pomroy | Photograph by David Schilling

C&C: What first inspired you to become a designer?
Christina Pomroy: I have always liked pairing the artistic with the functional. My background extends from biology and engineering to product design and residential construction. Working as a designer for Currey & Company allows me to create lighting and furniture that is useful but also has an artistic flair.

C&C: Where do you tend to draw inspiration for your designs?
CP: Primarily, I draw design inspiration from architecture, nature, jewelry and fashion. For me, the fun part about developing a concept is seeing the potential in a completely unrelated form and turning into a viable product. I particularly enjoy taking walks for inspiration. It’s a great way to take in architectural elements, nature and a little fresh air.

C&C: What was your inspiration for the Haley Chandelier?
CP: Bangle bracelets. I was browsing the jewelry section of a store and noticed a set of 10 beautiful silver bangles. As I picked them up, I pinched the top of the set and the bottom of the rings flared out and made an interesting cradle-like form. I thought “hey that would make a cool pendant.” I sketched it, modeled it in the computer, worked out the engineering drawings and it has now become one of my favorite pieces.


Left: Concept Drawing, Right: Finished Product

C&C: If you could collaborate with anyone on a future project, who would it be?
CP: CEO and fashion designer Tory Burch. I think she has a great sense of what appeals to women across multiple generations and has built strong brand recognition. I find that her style is kind of preppy, kind of luxe, and yet always tastefully on trend. I can appreciate her nod to the 1960’s & 70’s with her bold use of pattern and classy color selections. As a woman, I applaud her for building a 1 billion dollar company and making Forbes’ list of “The World’s 100 Most Powerful Women.” Burch is committed to business empowerment through her Tory Burch Foundation established in 2009. The foundation provides business loans, mentoring, and networking opportunities to women getting their businesses off the ground. As a former small business owner, I understand the challenges facing women entrepreneurs and appreciate individuals who turn their success into a medium for supporting start-up initiatives. I welcome a collaboration with a designer such as Burch because the lighting and furniture developed would be a stunning accent to any space -much like jewelry for the home.

C&C: Where do you see design trends heading in the next decade?
CP: When I think of the year 2024 it sounds pretty futuristic to me; it’s hard to believe that is only 10 years away! In the next decade I anticipate a continued effort for the home furnishing industry to explore environmentally and consumer friendly materials. As the average consumer becomes more and more educated about what goes into the products that they bring into their homes, the demand for better materials and company practices will continue to rise. In a consumer-driven society where disposable products are far too common, companies utilizing healthy materials and making quality products that last will be in demand.

Christina Pomroy graduated Summa Cum Laude from SCAD with a B.F.A. in Furniture Design and has been designing for Currey & Company since she first interned with us in 2012.