Rock Steady: The Eltham Stool

Concrete is a beautifully diverse building material. Capable of forming to nearly any shape and having an array of compositions; gravely, rough and textured, to fine, supple and smooth. The Eltham Stool is an example of the splendor of concrete.

Constructed around a wrought iron frame, the impeccable concrete form of the Eltham Stool is a compelling representation of Zen philosophy communicated through design. While the Eltham Stool is minimally managed it has constant visual variation. The concrete resembles the oscillating color patterns of hardwoods.


Eltham Stool

An obsessively minimal design, the Eltham Stool only features one contrast to its otherwise uniform cylinder: Recessed half-moon handles are located on opposite sides of the stool, interrupting the continuity of the concrete only in texture. The design of the Eltham Stool straddles a line between austere and ornate, and the individual attributes are weighed evenly, one always restraining the other.